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Introduction to Kindmetrics

Kindmetrics is website analytics that is open source and focuses on privacy for both the visitors and you.

The mission of Kindmetrics is to provide useful analytics that is easy to use and have anything you need without giving away your information to big corporations for surveillance.

Kindmetrics started as an idea 2019 and built 2020 by inspiration of other privacy analytics companies - but trying to make a different approach than others.

Kindmetrics is not focusing just have one dashboard but trying to add a better overview depending on what you want to do. The dashboard is the full focus, but you can use the sub-pages to go deep into different analytics areas without handling popups and distractions. Kindmetrics is living by no need for overengineering, meaning no SPA, and no need to pack everything on one page if it makes no sense or needs to do a modal to show the data.

Our software is open-source and free to use for everyone, but those who don’t want to set everything up can use our managed service. It is not free but is used to pay for the hosting and my time to build better analytics for you.